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    Add:Room 522-523, No.1 Building,No.256 North Liuyi Road, Gulou district,Fuzhou Fujian 350003,China
    Tel:0086-0591-87804321 Fax:0086-0591-87822336
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    From beginning to end we think: talent constantly introduced with continuous optimization, is to promote enterprise long-term stability, an important factor in the development of science. Built in one hundred for creating industry brand enterprise, Jin Miao seed industry will unswervingly carried out the construction of human resources as enterprise most important priority to grasp, sincerely now:

    Product development (a)

    Main content:

    1, strain test track, observation, analysis, provide the test report, provide reliable support for business promotion.

    2, seed production, docking with the local producers, critical period field inspection field purity.

    3, import and export business contact and carried out some specific issues.


    1, male,

    2, horticulture, plant protection, agriculture and other agricultural related professional college and graduate

    2, organization ability, work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, does not fear endures hardship, have the team consciousness;

    3, good English reading and writing, and language ability is preferred.


    Business people (one or two)

    Main content:

    1, vegetable seed market research, customer development, maintenance, sales channel,

    2, responsible for the strain test track, observation, analysis, report

    3, other work assigned by the company


    1, male,

    2, horticulture, plant protection, agriculture and other agricultural related professional college and graduate

    3, work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, has the team consciousness

    4, has the good communication ability of organization and market.


    Working location: fuzhou west lake park

    Work time: Monday to Friday (7 hours), all day on Saturday morning half a day,

    Welfare and salary treatment:

    1, salary: 2500 yuan, 35000 yuan a year, and increasing year by year, familiar with the business after according to the actual ability to provide competitive salary. 2000 yuan (probation period).

    2, 5 insurances, five risks including health care, pension, unemployment, work injury, maternity; According to pay 12% pay housing accumulation fund (the base of many other companies did not pay or pay very low)

    3, extend the Mid-Autumn festival, Spring Festival festival bonus; Birthday cake coupon, people marry and have children and other cash gifts.

    4, year-end bonus (2 month)

    5, every year to arrange the employee health check-up,

    6, cell phone fee subsidy

    7, enjoy the national legal holidays and private affair leave, sick leave, annual leave, home leave every year a total of 20 days each 5 days.

    8, high travel allowance, within the scope of the company rules can choose to travel by plane.

    Special advantages:

    1, good location, close to west lake park, walk after lunch can ZuoHai west lake park, and enjoy the free time to breathe.

    2, the company has a good office environment and atmosphere, humanized management, and fully support your career development.

    3, provide competitive business commission plan, the business done, the more the higher commission rate, business commission unlimited. Business to share, to participate in the company dividends.

    4, the company according to the individual's ability to determine use post, through practice proved that ability, can compete for the general manager position.


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