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    Add:Room 522-523, No.1 Building,No.256 North Liuyi Road, Gulou district,Fuzhou Fujian 350003,China
    Tel:0086-0591-87804321 Fax:0086-0591-87822336
    中文版 | ENGLISH   Broccoli?。?A href="product.asp?cid=15">Carrots?。?A href="product.asp?cid=16">Tomato?。?A href="product.asp?cid=17">Sweet corn?。?A href="product.asp?cid=18">Cleome?。?A href="product.asp?cid=19">Water spinach?。?A href="product.asp?cid=20">Beans?。?A href="product.asp?cid=21">Asparagus
     ABOUT US Location:Home > ABOUT US

      Fuzhou Golden Seed Co. Ltd is located in the Fuzhou, Fujian China, western of Taiwan Strait, facing Taiwan, There are more than 20 staffs and most of them have many years’ experience in international and domestic trade and production. Mutual benefit and profit is our management aim; the mode of business operation is flexible, effective and high quality; the development of the company is based on competition and innovation.

      Fuzhou Golden Seed Co. Ltd is a trading and production company, was established in 2008. The main business is import and export the seed and vegetable products from and to inside and outside of China, has good relationship with foreign companies, seed production companies and breeders from all of the world. Our company has own production bases and provide the seed to other production bases, processing companies and business partners in all of the China. The main seed and products our company engaged in is tomato, sweet corn, broccoli, carrot, sweet pepper, squash, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, peas and so on and continue to promote new varieties every year. Fuzhou Golden Seed Co. Ltd enjoy good reputation in the seed area in inside and outside of China and welcome new partners to cooperate with us. We invite you to browse this site for information on our seed varieties and activity and to assist your business needs.  

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